Plantain Recipe: To Get You Laid

Plantain to get laid image

Plantain to get you laid! – Have you ever gotten laid using just PLANTAIN? No…me neither. But that is all about to change with this new ‘Plantain Recipe : To Get You Laid’ from Kofi’s Kitchen – 99% guaranteed to never work (1% margin of error).  Ingredients: 2 x ripe plantains 4 x tablespoons […]

Kofi’s Kitchen Kraken Challenge – Grumpy Panda

The Kraken Challenge image

Kofi’s Kitchen Kraken Challenge:  The Kraken – This week Kofi Smiles and I took to the road and headed up to Gateshead where he took on The Kraken Challenge by The Grumpy Panda. What’s the Kraken Challenge? Don’t worry, I got you! Kofi was given just 15 minutes to eat all of the following vegan […]